SUPRA is closed on Thursday 26 January for the public holiday. We will respond to any enquiries when we reopen on Friday 27 January.

SUPRA acknowledges that 26 January is not a day for celebration

For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, this is a day of mourning and of honouring survival. There is a growing movement across Australia to recognise 26 January as a day of invasion that led to profound loss for First Nations peoples.

We pay respects to the Gadigal people who were among the first to experience invasion, and on whose land the University of Sydney is located.

Respectful ways to mark the day include:

  • Invasion Day protest and march, meeting at 9:30am in Belmore Park, Gadigal Country. Hosted this year by Fighting in Solidarity Towards Treaties and Justice for David Dungay Jr. Speeches will be followed by a march around the CBD before heading to Victoria Park to join the Yabun Festival.
  • Yabun Festival from 10am to 7pm in Victoria Park Camperdown, Gadigal Country. Features live music, traditional performances, markets, panel discussions and children’s activities. Everyone is welcome to join this event honouring the survival of the world’s oldest living culture. You can also listen via Koori Radio 93.7FM in Greater Sydney or watch the livestream at
  • Find many more events on Gadigal Country and elsewhere on the ANTAR website.
Throughout the year, there are more days to recognise and reflect on this country’s history including: 13 February National Apology Day; 26 May National Sorry Day; 27 May 1967 Referendum and the beginning of National Reconciliation Week; 3 June Mabo Day; 2 – 9 July is NAIDOC Week.