Indigenous Peoples make up approximately 476 million of the world’s population, speaking over 7000 languages and celebrating more than 5000 distinct cultures. Having survived imperialism, settler-colonialism, dispossession, and other forms of State violence, this day raises awareness of the ongoing struggles for self-determination and sovereignty that are still being fought for on a global scale. In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples make up 3.8% of the population, just under 1 million people. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have survived centuries of colonialism and dispossession, despite being the most incarcerated people on earth, and with many still living in poverty not seen by mainstream Australia. This International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we encourage you to learn about the Indigenous populations of your countries, and to seek ways to support the ongoing struggle for real self-determination, both at home and globally. You can access many free resources related to this day.

Event – 2023 Wingarra Djuraliyin: Public Lecture on Indigenous Peoples and Law

6 – 7:30pm, Wednesday 9 AugustLaw Foyer, Level 2New Law Building (F10)Register now

The annual Wingarra Djuraliyin public lecture showcases Indigenous perspectives on law. This year’s lecture is ‘One more broken silence: an Indigenous academic encounters racism in the law school 2023’, delivered by Dr Eddie Cubillo a Larrakia, Wadjigan and Central Arrente man from the Northern Territory. He is Associate Dean (Indigenous Programs) & Director of the Indigenous Law and Justice Hub at the University of Melbourne’s Law School.