The 485 visa allows international students to remain in Australia to get work experience. But there are some important factors to remember when applying for this visa as an HDR student.

You can’t apply until you have completed the requirements for your degree. This is when you receive your course completion letter. It is not when you submit your thesis. It is not when you’re advised that you’ve been awarded but need to make emendations, or after you have uploaded your thesis into the repository. These all occur earlier. It is also not the date your degree is conferred or your graduation date, which happen after you have been notified you have completed course requirements. 

The University will send you an email advising you when your course completion letter is available in Sydney Student. This letter is the evidence you need to provide to the Department of Home Affairs with your application. It is not the formal congratulations letter you receive from the University, which you will receive around the same time. 

You need to apply for your 485 visa within 6 months of the date on the course completion letter. 

Further information can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website. 

SUPRA Legal Service can help you if you need advice about applying for a 485 or any other visa.