The SUPRA HDR equity officer position was created 6 months ago in response to requests from postgraduate research students. Here are some highlights from our portfolio in the 6 months since it started:

  • We established the HDR Equity Network on both Microsoft Teams and Facebook in order to connect with HDR students across different disciplines. This growing network helps inform our advocacy and representation work.
  • In August, we delivered the first HDR Equity Support Webinar for the commencing research students.
  • We successfully engaged with committees and boards across the University including but not restricted to the Research Education Subcommittee, Scholarships Working Group, and DIAP Implementation Working Group. Among our collaborations with these committees, we have assisted in the success of the Report from the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Scholarships Working Group – including provisions for scholarships for disabled students and First Nations students in the future. We advocated on your behalf during discussions regarding Table-R review processes and implementation, post-review processes of Thesis submission via RECS, industry funded scholarships and HDR industry placements.
  • We are currently assisting with reviews of both the Safer Communities HDR Supervisory Modules and HDR Canvas Modules designed by the Director of Graduate Research.
  • In October, we worked with the Research Integrity Office to successfully deliver a Research Integrity Workshop Series. This event was organized in response to common concerns and inappropriate practices experienced by the HDR community. Topics covered included appropriate ways to manage issues and conflicts when they surface, and an overview of practices defined by the University of Sydney Research Code of Conduct.
  • In November, HDR equity officers contributed to organising the 2022 SUPRA Supervisor of the Year awards. We received over 120 nominations, across all faculties, and the winners were decided on merit by a judging panel of diverse HDR students. We acknowledged the endless efforts of all our research supervisors, in particular those who provide extra support to their students, and especially to students who experience intersectional oppression. The objective of the awards is to foster a culture of research supervision excellence as well as research excellence, which inevitably go hand-in-hand.
  • To round out the year, in November, the equity network met for the first time in a social setting for our first HDR Wine and Cheese Night.

Do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions about our portfolio or network.

Arash Araghi and Gemma Lucy Smart,
HDR Equity Officers

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