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Show Good Cause – frequently asked questions

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Q. I’ve been sent a Stage 1 or 2 Staying on Track notification from my faculty. Do I need to do anything?

A. Yes. We strongly recommend you follow the directions outlined in the notification, especially if you have been asked to contact an academic adviser. These notifications are warnings: they tell you that you have not reached the academic progression requirements for your course, and you must show that you will make every effort to pass the next semester.

Q. I’ve been sent a Stage 3 notification from my faculty, requiring me to Show Good Cause. Can SUPRA write my letter for me?

A. No, but we can help you with the letter that you write. Use the template letters in our Show Good Cause and Exclusion Survival Kit to start writing your response letter. Then contact us for feedback on your draft and further assistance.

Q. Now that I’ve submitted my Show Good Cause letter what should I do?

A. Continue your studies as normal. While your submission is being assessed you remain enrolled in your degree and can re-enrol in the next semester.

Q. How long will it take after submitting my letter before I have a decision?

A. The faculty has a short amount of time between semesters to make this decision, so in most cases you will receive an outcome within a week or two after submitting.

Q. I received an outcome of ‘Allowed to re-enrol with conditions’. Do I need to appeal?

A. No. This outcome means you can continue as normal, but you must follow the listed conditions in the outcome letter. If you don’t agree with any of the listed conditions, you may appeal those conditions. Contact us for assistance.

Q. I have been excluded for not showing good cause, and want to appeal. Can SUPRA help me appeal?

A. Yes. Contact us for advice and assistance with appeals.

Q. Who will assess my Show Good Cause response letter?

A. In most cases your faculty Associate Dean or an appropriately experienced officer delegated by the faculty is the decision-maker. None of your unit coordinators or teaching staff are involved in deciding your Show Good Cause outcome.

Q. This is the second time I have been issued a Show Good Cause notification. Am I in real trouble?

A. Many students are able to successfully Show Good Cause more than once. But your response to a second or third Show Good Cause notification must be carefully written. We recommend you contact us for assistance.

Q. I can’t think of any good reasons for failing my unit – my course is just really hard. I wasn’t sick and my teachers were great. What can I write?

A. There is usually something you can include to provide the faculty with confidence that you understand what is required to pass the course and that you have a plan for improvement. We recommend that you read our Show Good Cause and Exclusion Survival Kit and contact us for assistance.

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