Good luck in your exams!

We wish you the best of luck with exams starting next week!

Special consideration and exams

Being sick during your exam period can be difficult. If you’re unwell and can’t sit an exam you must apply for special consideration with the appropriate medical documentation.

If you feel unwell before your exam and don’t believe you will be able to complete your exam, stay home, obtain medical documentation such as a Professional Practitioner Certificate and apply for special consideration within 3 working days. University policy says that once you begin an exam you will be considered ‘fit to sit’.

If you become unwell during the exam, you can apply for special consideration if you see a doctor immediately after your exam and get a medical certificate. Simple extensions cannot be applied to exams. Contact our casework service for further advice.

If you are still unwell for your replacement exam

If you apply for special consideration and are offered a replacement exam, but you are still unwell, you can apply for further special consideration. Remember to gather appropriate documentation and submit your application within 3 working days of your replacement exam date.

Special consideration for students impacted by conflict

Students who are impacted by conflict in Palestine and Southern Lebanon may be eligible for special consideration throughout the examination period. Please feel free to contact our casework service for further information and advice.

Read about University support available for students affected by conflict.

Check out the Exam Ready program

The Library’s Exam Ready program is offering assignment support and exam preparation, relaxing study breaks, workshops and movie nights! Plus, free meals and refreshments will be available Monday to Thursday during the exam period.