Exams are just around the corner and while it is important to be prepared, it is just as important to take breaks, eat regularly, and sleep well. This will help you study better!

Talk to your friends and family if you are feeling worried, and get in contact with the Student Counselling Service if you need support.

Our Student Advice and Advocacy Officers are also here to help if you need help.

Academic honesty

Students can face serious consequences if they are found to have engaged in academic dishonesty. Always check the exam rules for each exam so you are not caught using prohibited materials. Headphones are not allowed in exams. If you receive an allegation of academic dishonesty, get in contact with the SUPRA Postgraduate Advocacy team as soon as possible.  

Special Consideration

If you are unable to sit your exam or your exam has been affected by illness, injury or misadventure, you can apply for special consideration. You must apply within 3 days of the exam. A late special consideration application will only be approved if you have strong documentation. Get in contact with us if you need assistance.