Australian universities have neglected students and staff with disabilities for too long. SUPRA has joined forces with student organisations across Australia to demand the higher education sector take urgent action to address the issues faced by disabled staff and students.

SUPRA endorses the joint position statement and research report ‘Disability & Higher Education in Australia’, prepared by The National Union of Students (NUS), Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) and the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA). The report finds that within the higher education sector:

  • Disabled staff and students face systemic neglect, which is reflected in inconsistent policies and broken systems for accessing reasonable adjustments and accommodations.
  • Students with a disability face inaccessible classrooms, a lack of support resources, little flexibility in scheduling classes, and lack of access to remote study options.
  • Disabled staff and students report high rates of harassment, sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus.
  • There are little to no consequences for universities who do not comply with disability-related legislation.

We endorse the findings and recommendations of the report, and call on the government and the higher education sector to take urgent action. Universities must address these failures to ensure meaningful access to education and opportunity for everyone.

Read the full position statement and research report: ‘Disability & Higher Education in Australia’.