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Novel coronavirus and international student visas

The travel ban

If you have been in mainland China since 1 February 2020, you are unable to enter Australia. If you do somehow make it here, your visa will be cancelled, and you will be placed in quarantine. The Australian Government website has more information.

My student visa is expiring soon and I am in China

If you are offshore, and your student visa expires soon, you will need to apply for a new one. If the travel ban extends past the date that your current student visa expires, you will not be able to enter Australia until your new visa is processed. Current student visa processing time is 3–6 weeks. You can apply online for your new visa while you are still in China.

Our advice to students: Apply for your new student visa now.

I want to apply for the 485 PSW visa

This visa is popular among international students as it allows you to stay in Australia and work for a few years. The travel ban may have consequences for international students who are in China because you:

  • must be onshore to apply
  • must apply within 6 months of course completion (for most students this will be sometime in May or June 2020)
  • can only apply once

Our advice to students: Gather all of the documents that you need to apply, so that when the travel ban is lifted, you can apply immediately after you arrive in Australia. How to apply for the 485 PSW visa.

Our Legal Service has registered migration agents (MARNs: 1911813 & 1912229) who can help you if you need migration law advice.

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Last updated February 2020


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