HDR students are encouraged to take Thursday 30 September and Friday 1 October as concessional leave days.

There is no need to apply for or record the leave.

This additional two days of leave for 2021 is in response to the stresses created by COVID, and is offered to support students’ health and wellbeing.

For those with an RTP stipend, this will be paid leave. In practice, this means that HDR students will have 22 days of leave in 2021 instead of the usual 20. It does not mean that HDR candidature or HDR stipends will be extended by two days.

All published dates for administrative and academic processes will continue to apply. In particular, any HDR thesis due for submission on 30 September will continue to be due on that day.

For HDR students who are also casual staff members, refer to the COVID intranet site for more details of concessional leave for staff who are/would have been rostered to work on the concessional days.