Scammers continue to target students in and around the University of Sydney. Students are being contacted by Chinese-speakers claiming to represent the Chinese police force, who ask students to participate in a virtual ‘swearing in’ ceremony, then to complete various missions.

The missions include booking hotel rooms, transporting items, and even assaulting other people.

These scammers are not affiliated with the Chinese government in any way, and they are forcing their victims to engage in illegal conduct.

It’s important to remember that participating in illegal activity is always a crime in Australia, even if you incorrectly believe that you’re operating on behalf of a government.

If you believe you might have been contacted by a scammer, advice from NSW Police is to:

  • Ignore the scammers – simply hang up on them.
  • Report that you have been contacted to: the NSW Police, the University, your friends and family, and the Chinese Consulate on 0481 262 258.
  • Do not become isolated – tell people what has happened.
  • Do not travel interstate or overseas when directed to do so by scammers.
  • Do not comply with any instructions you are given by scammers.

We encourage you to contact us for support and advice if you have been impacted by this scam, or any other scam. Our services are free, non-judgemental and confidential.