SUPRA provides a number of publications and resources that are available to SUPRA Constituents and Subscribers.


SUPRA produces a number of useful publications for postgraduate students, all of which are availale for download from the website or in hardcopy from our office or around campus. These include our email bulletin eGrad, the Survival Guide, the Thesis Guide and a number of handbooks and factsheets. To download or read more about publications


SUPRA offers a number of resources to SUPRA Subscribers including discounted photocopying, printing and faxing, contact lists for editors, binders and typists and a Resource Room with computers and internet access.

Media Releases

Every now and then SUPRA puts out media releases in response to higher education issues being discussed in the media or to bring the medias attention to issues affecting postgrads. To read some of our recent media releases follow the link below.


SUPRA makes a number of submissions both internally to the University and more broadly to government reviews. Recently with have made submissions to the Review of the Academic Board, the Bradley Review and the Inquiry into research training and research workforce issues in Australian Universities. To read our recent submissions follow the link below.